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Take away Robotic Kit

Workshop Duration : 2 days (16 hrs.)
The duration of this workshop is two consecutive days, with eight hour session each day in a total of sixteen hours properly divided into theory and hands on sessions. At the end of this workshop, a small competition is organized among the participating students and winners are awarded with a Merit certificate.
Workshop Level: Intermediate Level
(Best suited for all B.Tech/B.E./BCA/BSc Engg. 2nd & final year students)

Workshop Certification: RoboTryst-2014.

Workshop Training Kit    : Robosapiens iBOT Mini V2.0** 

SKU: RM0108

 DTMF Module Version 2

SKU:  RM0022


 Robosapiens iBOT Mini V 3.0**  SKU: RM0002 
 DTMF Module Version 2
 SKU: RM0022 


 Kits Source : logo-robomart

Note: **Selection of the kits between above two versions is sole decision of the management of Robotryst-2014 depending upon the availability and Stock.

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Workshop Content:
"It’s the time give brain to your Robots. Let them think like us. Robosapiens India comes up with Autonomous Robotics a Workshop on AI Based Robots."

Two Day workshop Schedule:

Day 1
Session 1 : Basics of Robot Electronics:
  • Basic electronic components.
  • Fundamental electrical concepts.
  • Detailed session on Transistors.
  • Motor Drivers
  • Sensors
  • OpAmp
  • Bread boarding techniques.
  • Interfacing of sensors
Day 1
Session 2 : Introduction to Microcontrollers
This session would deal with the basics of a microcontroller. The focus will be on the AVR series micro controller, ATMega16, which is one of the most powerful and widely used 8 bit micro controllers.
  • What is Microcontroller?
  • Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor?
  • Microcontroller Architecture and interfacing
  • How can we use a microcontroller in our own circuits?
  • Microcontroller Programming in 'C'
  • Writing your First ‘C’ Program in  AVR Studio
  • Compilation and debugging
  • Loading Compiled ‘C’ Program on a Microcontroller using Robosapiens 'AVR Loader v1.0 Beta'
  • Line following Robot Algorithms
  • Edge Avoiding Robot Algorithm
  • Obstacle avoider Robot Algorithm

Day 2
Session 3 : Development of a Edge avoiding Robot on i-BOT Robokit

It's a bot which never falls off the edge of a table. It has protruding sensors, which can detect beforehand, what lies ahead, whether it is the table surface or it's end. When it detects an end, it turns taking into consideration the distance between it's wheels and the protruding distance of sensors from the main body of the bot. This results in a mechanism, which turns the robot in the appropriate direction whenever the limit of the table (or any elevated surface for that matter) ends and thus never lets the bot fall off the table.

Day 2
Session 4 : Development of Line Following Robot iBOT Robokit

As the name suggests, it follows a line whose color is in contrast with the rest of the surface. A simple fuzzy logic will do the job of maneuvering the bot through the line in whatever direction it goes (obviously keeping in mind the dimensions and turning limitations of the bot)

Day 2
Session 5 : Development of Light Searching Robot on iBOT Robokit

As the name suggests, it follows light beam. A simple fuzzy logic will do the job of maneuvering the bot through a Light searching Sensors in whatever direction it goes (obviously keeping in mind the dimensions and turning limitations of the bot).



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