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Hospitality & Accommodation at IIT Delhi during RoboTryst-2014


On behalf of the entire RoboTryst team, we would like to extend a very cozy welcome to you, rejuvenating the plethora of technology and science. We are trying to put forward an unrivaled combination of learning and execution showcasing all the inclining technologies at the doorsteps of the mecca of technical knowledge (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi). RoboTryst returns with its 5th edition. Be a part of the North India’s biggest and largest technical festival – Tryst.
Being north India’s largest techfest, Tryst has grown in all respects every year, in terms of infrastructure, logistics and opportunities. So it is no big wonder that such a large festival witnesses a huge crowd that is witness to a world class display of innovations and technologies, and participates in extremely competitive contests. With such a diverse crowd paying their homage to the very idea of innovation here at IIT Delhi, it is no surprise that to ensure hospitality towards visitors is our primary concern.
Imprint the four days from 26th February to 1st March, 2014 on your date planner, as RoboTryst-2014 will captivate you with various means bringing up the spirit of knowledge and competition in you.
Hospitality for our patrons is of foremost importance to us, and over the past few editions we have been gratified to have been blessed with the opportunity to promote and serve hospitality to our group of extremely enthusiastic participants.
The Hospitality team at Tryst welcomes you! We are dedicated to help you and attend to all your doubts and queries throughout your stay with us. We assure you that your short stay with us will be fun, secure and comfortable.
The IIT Delhi campus is a lush green heaven for all sorts of ecology. The campus is the perfect haven for bird-watching enthusiasts, yet at the same time being at the center of the city of Delhi. This year, Tryst has decided to take the notion of hospitality a notch further. We strive to do our best to create the perfect atmosphere for your satisfaction. There are numerous cuisines to choose from, and accommodation for participants will be the equivalent of a warm hearth, as we do our best to make your stay within IIT Delhi a satisfying and memorable one. With that said, hospitality will be a priority during Tryst 2014.
In this edition of RoboTryst – 2014 we plan to set higher benchmarks and leave no stone unraveled for your comfort, security and provide you a homely environment away from home. In spite of being a college festival and facing many constraints, our team continuously seeks towards the well-being of one and all.
Hope to see you here at Tryst 2014. We will be more than happy to be able to address your suggestions and queries.
Hospitality Guidelines

  • The accommodation provided will be shared.
  • We would provide you mattresses, however you are encouraged to carry your own blankets and sheets as it might be cold at nights at this time of the year.
  • At the time of checkout the occupants are required to return the commodities provided from the organizers.
  • Random checks would be made to avoid any illegal practice at the accommodation area. Any person found guilty would be heavily fined and disqualified.
  • All student participants must carry their valid College/School photo ID card. Others must bring their valid photo identity for the purpose of verification. People without valid photo identity card will not be allowed to avail accommodation.
  • Team RoboTryst, Team Tryst and administration of IIT Delhi will not be responsible for any mishaps that occur through the duration of stay of occupants for RoboTryst 2014.
  • Accommodation could be provided inside and outside the campus of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.  
  • Those carrying their laptops, CPU or similar electronic gadgets will have to declare their belongings and the belongings could be checked for verification.
  • All are advised to carry their own locks for security concerns.
  • Hospitality charges include the accommodation and 3 time food charges.
  • Separate accommodation facility for female occupants.
  • Registration for Hospitality will be closed on 19th of February, 2014 at 2359 hrs.
  • Registration for Hospitality is not available On the Spot
  • Services like ROBOMART.com counter (to purchase kits, tools & accessories) & practice arena will be available at each accommodation facility.          

Hospitality Charges: (Accommodation & Food)
1. Accommodation to the participants would be provided inside as well as outside institute.
2. Hospitality charges will be same for inside and outside accommodation.
3. We reserve this right of accommodation allotment.
4. Charges for accommodation inside or outside the campus are  INR 700/- for accommodation & food(3 Meals a day) per participant per day.
5. Accommodation charges not Refundable.
6. Accommodation facility would be made available from 1200 hrs on 25th of February, 2014 onwards and you would be required to vacate the room on or before 0900 hrs on 2nd of March, 2014.
Payment Procedure:

1. The payment has to be made online via the online portal. The accommodation charges and other details are mentioned above.
2. You will have to report at the accommodation desk of RoboTryst-2014 at IIT-Delhi with the mandatory documents. Failing to bring any of the documents will lead to cancellation of your accommodation.
3. The documents are:

  • Printout of the online payment receipt.
  • College ID card

For your reference, a chart is provided to give you an idea about the Temperature Variation during the RoboTryst – 2014 days.


Average Min. Temp. (°C)

Average Max. Temp. (°C)






















By Metro:
The fast-growing Delhi Metro network provides a cheap, quick, hassle-free and air-conditioned way to reach Hauj Khas Metro Station (The Nearest Metro Station of IIT Delhi).
As of, the following lines are open:

  • Red Line: Dilshad Garden to Rithala
  • Yellow Line: Jahangirpuri  to HUDA City Centre, Gurgaon
  • Blue Line: Dwarka Sector 21  to  Vaishali/ - Noida City Centre
  • Green Line: Inderlok to  Mundka
  • Violet Line: Central Secratariat to  Badarpur Border
  • Airport Express: New Delhi Railway Station to Airport – Dwarka.

metro map
Fig: Delhi Metro Map. 
(You can also follow the link- http://wikitravel.org/en/File:Delhi-metro-rail.png)
When you reach to Hauj Khas Metro Station, from there you Can Walk threw to IIT Delhi. The distance is (Hauj Khas metro station to IIT Delhi Main Gate is 900 meters). The Interested Person Can Also Preferred Auto (Avg. Fare- Rs. 10) or Cycle Rickshaw (Avg. Fare- Rs 20). 
By Auto Rickshaw:
The Candidates Can Also Prefer Auto rickshaws to reach IIT Delhi Main Campus Gate. Auto Rickshaws are good for shorter trips. The base rates are Rs 25 and Rs 8 /km thereafter.
If a Person prefer Auto Rickshaw (Normally from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station or Sarai Rohilla Railway Station where Metro Rail Not Available) the distance to are 12 Km (From Hazrat Nizammuddin Railway Station) and 19 Km (From Sarai Rohilla Railway Station).


By Bus:
The Candidates can also prefer Bus. Bus is the cheapest mode of public transport, relatively slow and tiresome. Buses generally operate between 7 am - 11 pm.
Here the Chart Details of Nearest Bus Stop of IIT Delhi Main Campus Gate.

Bus Stop

Distance from IIT Delhi

Via Walk

Via Auto

Via Cab

Hauj Khas

1 Km


Preferable(Avg Fare- Rs 10/-)

Preferable (Avg Fare- Rs 20/-)

Kalu Sarai

2 Km


Preferable Avg Fare- Rs 20/-)

Preferable Avg Fare- Rs 40/-)

By Cab/Personal Convenience:
The Cab /Personal Convenience are Most comfortable mode of transport but most expensive. Available 24X7 hours.  If any Candidates are Prefer this service, they can easily Reach to IIT Main Campus Gate with the help of Google Map (https://maps.google.co.in/). The Night fares (11pm - 6am) are 25% more than day fares.
Here the Contact details of some prominent cab services:

Meru Cabs:  011-44224422, www.merucabs.com 
Mega Cabs: 011-41414141, www.megacabs.com 
Easy Cabs:  011-43434343, www.easycabs.com 


What is the payment procedure for hospitality?

The payment procedure will be online. The accommodation charges are provided under the tab Accommodation charges.

What should I bring with me to Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi campus?

It is mandatory for all participants to carry college IDs or photo IDs, and have a Xerox copy of each one of them.
If your accommodation is confirmed, you are required to bring a print out of the online payment receipt for your hospitality payment.
Each participant is supposed to carry your certificates issued at the time of the zonal round as well as the kit which you have for competition.

Do we get any food facilities at outside Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi campus accommodation places?

Yes, we will provide the food at outside Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi campus accommodations.

What are the accommodation charges?

The accommodation charges and other necessary details regarding the payment are available under the tab Hospitality Charges.

Will all the team members be given accommodation at the same place?

We will try our best but there is no surety for the same as it would be depending on the availability of accommodation facility.

Do we need to pay the accommodation charge for all the team members even if we are getting accommodation for only few members?

No, accommodation charges will be applicable per person who avails our hospitality.
When can I enter the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi campus?
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi main gate will be open at all times. You may enter and depart from the campus at all time. But please make sure to carry your college ID cards for the purpose of security check at the main gate

What should I do after coming to the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi?

Outstation participants who have registered for hospitality are requested to report to the accommodation desk where the required formalities involving checking of documents, allotment of rooms will be done.

One of our team members who had been provided accommodation is unable to come, so can we replace him with our other team member?
Yes, but the person coming should have all the documents that the other member was supposed to have and his own corresponding ID cards.
What about the hospital facility?
You are advised to report to us at accommodation desk. We shall also be carrying a first aid kit with us, at the accommodation desk.
What about my accommodation if I don’t register online?

If you don’t register online for hospitality then we would not be able to provide you either accommodation or food.
Shall I carry my id card with me?

It is mandatory for all participants to carry college/school IDs. This is for your own convenience. Moreover you will be asked to produce your college id cards at the time of allotment of rooms.

What kind of accommodation is provided?

Accommodation is provided on a sharing basis. We have outside campus rooms, inside campus rooms and flats for accommodation. Girls and boys will be accommodated separately.

What are the food facilities inside the campus?

We would be providing food facility inside the campus as well.

What about the security facilities?

IIT Delhi campus has a vigilant and round-the-clock security service. To ensure the safety of the participants, there will be additional security guards in hostels in order to avoid thefts and other mishaps. Although RoboTryst team will not take responsibility of any theft or other mishaps. So participants are requested to take care of their luggage and valuable items.

Are there ATMs inside the campus?

SBI ATM inside the campus.

Is there any internal transport keeping in mind the huge area of the campus?

Internal transport will be available at reasonable rates. Also auto rickshaws are usually available in the campus. Personal vehicles are NOT allowed in the campus.

Do the accommodation charges include food facilities too?

Yes, the accommodation charges include food facilities.

Where will I get my accommodation?

You might get accommodation outside as well as inside the campus depending upon availability.

Can I enter IIT-Delhi campus anytime?

You can enter IIT Main gate anytime by showing valid photo ID proof during 6am to 10pm, if your accommodation inside the campus then you need to stay in the campus after 10pm.

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